Auditor General Report

Arizona Auditor General District Spending Report

On March 1, 2017, the Arizona Auditor General released the annual District Spending Report for Fiscal Year 2016. The report shows the spending of districts by operational area, as well as the financial stress assessment of the district, results of student assessments and other areas of measurement.

The Higley Unified School District was reported a spending "very low to comparable" to peer districts in a majority of areas. In addition, the district was rated as "low" in overall financial stress. A five-year trend shows a drop in administrative cost per public and an increase in classroom dollars.

The district has grown from 675 students in Fiscal Year 2001 to 11,356 students in Fiscal Year 2016.

The Higley report can be found online at the Auditor General's district report site.

The full report can be found online at the Auditor General's full reporting site.