Construction access information

New Construction and Pedestrian Access to WFHS

We are excited that a new wing will be ready when school opens in August 2017 adding 16 new classrooms at the southeast corner of the campus. This will permanently change pedestrian access to our campus beginning with second semester. Construction fencing will soon go up requiring the following changes:
* The pedestrian gate facing east next to the driveway will be permanently closed. We also consider this a plus for security reasons.
* The south-facing doors of the main building will be fenced off and not accessible for entry. They will still be used as emergency exits during construction.
* The door facing "The Nest" just south of the administration offices will be unlocked and available for student entry from inside the campus.
* Students who are released for Seminary will now exit through the library and reenter through the same door. This door will be closely monitored.
If you have any questions about the changes please do not hesitate to contact the WFHS administration.