AZ Merit

AZ Merit Testing 

AzMERIT Testing begins on April 10th.  As a reminder, or those new to the area, students will test in Language Arts and Math classes. In order to accommodate online assessments, our testing window is 2 weeks.   Please note: during this time, we will follow a modified bell schedule and ask that all appointments (doctor, orthodontist, etc.) be arranged outside of the academic school day.   Additionally, it is important that students arrive to campus on time, well rested, and have had a healthy breakfast.  Our first assessment, AzMERIT writing, will be 3 hours per assessment.   During non-testing classes, teachers will be afforded the opportunity to offer 10 hours of instruction over two weeks. This affords them the opportunity to dig deeper into a subject area or review for mastery in subject knowledge.  

Here is the schedule for testing.