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Fox10 Morning Show features Chaparral

Collage of Fox10 visiting Chaparral Elementary
Fox10’s Cory McCluskey visited Chaparral Elementary School Dec. 7 to highlight the school during a live, morning broadcast.

McCluskey arrived just after the bell rang and met students out on the field. While he and his cameraman ran down the lines of students, the Chaparral Sharks smiled and cheered.

The school’s Rubik’s Cube club then showed off their skills in a mad race to complete the complicated puzzle. The school’s color guard put on a short showcase of what they’ve learned this year. Finally, student council members took a few minutes to share about their program and the school.

“It was a fun time for everyone and I’m so proud of how the students were able to show what Chaparral is all about,” Principal Kristine Hanson said.