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New bus app details student, vehicle travels

Here Comes the Bus phone app
The Higley Unified School District is offering parents peace of mind with the use of a new student and bus tracking app: Here Comes the Bus. Created with Synovia Solutions software, the app has quickly gained traction among families since the district started testing it in December.

HUSD is the first Arizona school district to use this app. It provides parents with access to real-time bus locations and updates through customizable email and text notifications. It alerts parents when the bus is nearby to ensure on-time boarding.

The app, in conjunction with student bus passes, provides parents with student tracking technology. This keeps students safe by assuring their boarding and exiting of busses at the correct times and locations.

“(Parents) like to know where students are, especially for parents that leave for work before their student goes to school,” Higley’s Director of Transportation Josh Crosby said. “They can now get that. They feel better knowing that their student got on the bus or made it to school.”

“The HUSD Transportation office is able to monitor the location, speed and status of all buses, including the ability to remotely view engine diagnostics and idle time, saving the district money,” Crosby said.

Drivers also benefit from the system when they receive direct feedback on whether or not a student is authorized to board a bus.

About 20 parents have downloaded the app daily since its release. Now, hundreds of parents and students are actively using the technology.

Elizabeth James, Synovia Solution’s director of product strategy, said the app travels quickly through word-of-mouth, thanks to the many parents who seek peace of mind through immediate notifications.

“We have parents contact us frequently whose children attend school districts that don’t have it,” James said. “They want to know what they need to do to get their schools to adopt it!”
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