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Cooley Cougars start Helping Hands Club

Helping Hands Club students working together
Cooley Middle School is hosting a new club on campus called The Helping Hands Club.

The Helping Hands Club is a student organization that collects donations from the student body to give to those who are less fortunate. Every month the club selects a different place to deliver items.

At the beginning of the school year, students submitted essays to be a part of the Leadership Team. The essays are judged by the principal, assistant principal, the secretary, the librarian and four teachers.

“I ran this club at Scottsdale Unified School District for 15 years and wanted to start it here,” seventh grade math teacher Sallie Chalfin said. “It’s such a great opportunity for the kids and each month we choose a new program.”

The Leadership Team puts the packages together using the items that the student body donated. The team also puts up fliers and makes announcements to keep the other students updated on the current project the club is working on.

The Lead Team also has the role of the Dream Clean Team for Cooley Middle School.  This group of students goes to various classrooms to help teachers clean.

The club selects different groups and organizations throughout the valley each month to help provide support. For the month of October, students collected donation items for Halloween Treat Bags to be delivered to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The club has a goal to fill 150 bags. The Helping Hands club will be hosting a food drive for the month of November to make Thanksgiving food baskets for families.

“It’s a really fun and stressful job to be president,” club president Ella Walker said. “I am doing this to help the community. I want other kids to have a happy Halloween too.”

The club will be collecting used winter clothing such as jackets and scarves for the months of December and January. Students will create homemade Valentine cards for the month of February and hand deliver them to some nursing homes.

“I wanted to do this club because I enjoy helping children who are less fortunate and can’t go trick or treating like this,” seventh grade student Baylee Darling said. “It makes me happy to know that we did something for them since they are unable to do things like us.”