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Power Ranch students create own ‘planets’

Students showing their planet-project
The purpose of the Planet Project was to inspire students to design and create their own planet, said teacher Tracy Carlucci. First-quarter science standards require fifth-grade students to describe distinguishing characteristics of the known planets within the solar system. To ensure mastery of this standard, students were given the option to work alone or with a partner to participate in a project-based activity. During this six-week challenge, students researched known planets and chose those characteristics they wanted to integrate into their own design.

“Project-based activities are designed to prepare students for the real world by engaging them in a deeper and more critical learning process. When students raise their level of thinking, they become more confident in their ability to analyze and solve real world problems,” Steven Frye, fifth-grade teacher, said.

The students said it was fun, too.

Carson Abramson, a fifth grade student, said, “This project was so cool. I learned a lot about the planets we already know about, especially Saturn, that’s my favorite!”