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Community helpers visit Power Ranch kindergarteners

Community helpers visit Power Ranch kindergarteners
Kindergarten students from Power Ranch Elementary concluded a month-long study on community helpers with visits from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Gilbert Fire. After studying various community helpers, the students were particularly interested in learning more about police officers and firefighters.

With the visits from local safety agencies, the children were able to ask questions and explore the community helpers’ roles more thoroughly. A fire safety demonstration from the firefighters and a read aloud from the sheriffs helped the children to further understand the parts these workers play in the community. The Friday event also included several exciting and visual opportunities: students were able to tour a fire engine, view a rescue boat and armored car, watch a K-9 demonstration, and get a front row seat to an MSCO helicopter landing in the school’s field.

 “I think they know more about the police and what they do, not just from what they saw, but the story the officer read,” Principal Chris Reuter said. “I think they learned officers make people safe and there are different ways they do that.”

Kindergarten teacher Karen Edwards said the students were extremely excited to learn about all the different vehicles public safety officers use. “The kids were amazed to find how many different vehicles police officers can use,” she said. “We wanted to reward our students’ curiosity and continue to give them opportunities to be excited about learning.”