***Read daily for 20 minutes***

Important Preschool Information

“Family Homework”    

  1. Read daily
  2. Decorate a Paper Doll of “YOU” the student-  this is a family project, so be creative
  3. All About My Family Flag 
  4. Decorate a Pumpkin- due date will be posted on our Newsletter.
  5. Decorate a Turkey- due date will be posted on our Newsletter.
  6. Decorate a Teddy Bear- due date will be posted on our Newsletter.
  7. Bring in your favorite Dr. Seuss book and decorate a foot- due date will be posted on our Newsletter.
  8. 11.  Create a bug- due date will be posted on our Newsletter


There may be more!  Have fun! Be creative; have fun


 Character Counts Birthdays!

Throughout the year I will be asking that you make a birthday cards at home with our preschooler.  These cards can be made with stickers, pictures, they can scribble or write their names, etc.  Be creative!  The cards will be shared with the birthday student of the day.  In the past, the students had just as much fun giving as receiving the cards. 

Character Counts areas that are covered through this projects are:

Trustworthiness- reliable, courage to be creative, building a good reputation, being loyal to our families and friends

Respect- treating other with respect and respecting “their special day”, manner, and considerate

Responsibility- making your friends a card, planning ahead, doing your best, and setting a good example

Fairness- making a card for all your friends, taking turns, and treating our friends fairly

Caring- be kind and compassionate

Citizenship- sharing, building friendships, cooperate and getting involved

Have fun with this project!