Nicole Parkinson          
Certified School Psychologist
Power Ranch Elementary K-5                              
Bridges Elementary
Office Hours:
Power Ranch Elementary School
Tuesday/ Friday 7:30-4:00
Bridges Elementary School
Monday/Wed./ Thurs. 7:30-4:00
My name is Nicole Parkinson and I have been employed by HUSD since 2001. I began working as an Early Childhood Special Education teacher. I have also served as a Teacher on Assignment with the Preschool Evaluation Team. After completing my graduate degree in school psychology, I was thrilled to return to HUSD as a school psychologist. I love working with the students, staff and families of HUSD.
I received my Bachelor of Arts in Education, Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University and a Master's of Arts in Education, Magna Cum Laude from Ottawa University. I received my most valuable education from my five children who range in age from 17-25 and my grandson.
I believe that all children are valuable and important and can be successful in the school setting. My role, as a school psychologist is to support students and staff  to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.