Anti-Bullying Club (ABC) - Our main purpose is to spread anti-bullying awareness not only at Higley High School but at the HUSD district’s elementary schools to eventually affect the whole community. By one’s involvement in this club we make our viewpoint on bullying apparent to the community.
Band– The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for young musicians to perform.  To promote school spirit.  To promote an understanding and appreciation for music for all genre.
Best Buddies– Strives to enhance the high school experience of students with disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships with students who join the club. Best buddies meet monthly for lunch and spend time together through club activities and socials with other east valley high schools. Buddies spend time developing friendships during many parties, dances, and field trips planned throughout the year. Join Best Buddies and form valued friendships that will last forever. 
Boys’ Baseball- The objective of the baseball club is give students that plan on playing baseball for Higley High the chance to work out on a year-round basis. We utilize the facilities in the weight room, batting cages, and fields to better prepare our players for the spring season. We offer play in the fall and in the summer to supplement the spring interscholastic season. We value the dedication and desire of athletes in other sports and encourage them to participate in as many sports as you like. When you complete those sports, the baseball club is in session 9 months a year, so you are extended an open invitation.
Boys’ Basketball – A club where the student athlete will compete in the game of basketball at an organized level.  Each player will receive a comprehensive learning experience from the coaching staff.  Members of the team are also members of the Boys’ Basketball Club.  We will compete in the East Valley area and in Phoenix.  Earning on spot on the team and in the club will give you a chance in a lifetime to make great friendships, learn determination and work ethic, which will provide you with precious lifelong lessons guaranteed to make your future bright! 
Ceramics – The purpose of this organization is to raise money – Empty Bowls.  Members want to express themselves through their work and take trips to galleries to learn more about ceramics. 
Chinese Club - Chinese Club helps to know and experience Chinese history, culture and language. If you know China, you know the world. Chinese learner, future winner!
Choir– The purpose of this club is to gain funds for choral attire, choir tours, and for outreach for the purpose of growing the school choir program.
Cross Country– A fall sport where the athlete competes in 5 kilometer races run over a variety of surfaces and terrains.  The purpose is to complete the course in the fastest time possible and to improve individual times throughout the season.  Higley has both Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country teams. Members of the team are also members of the Cross Country Club.
DECA Marketing Club– Open to all Marketing and Entrepreneurship students for the 2012-2013 school year.   DECA helps develop leadership skills, gain an understanding of potential careers, and compete in exciting district and state sales and marketing competitions. DECA gives students a realistic overview of the importance of marketing to the business world. It involves selling, promotion, distribution, risk management, pricing, purchasing, and marketing information management.  Students can compete in individual, partnership or team events.  No matter what career you choose, active DECA membership can help you be successful.
DJ Club – If you are interested in music and music mixes, the DJ Club is the place for you.  Club members put together music for dances, pep assemblies and lunches.  We also have the opportunity of DJing dances at other schools.  We offer a complete experience with how being a DJ works.
Drama Club- The purpose of the Drama Club is to provide students with an opportunity to become involved in the Higley High theatre program outside of the class, including but not limited t fundraising, community service, acting and stage production, and making friends.  With these opportunities Drama Club intends to motivate its members to build teamwork and leadership skills.
Engineering and Robotics Club - Do you like to innovate, build, or program?  The Engineering and Robotics Club (ERC) at Higley High School is here for you.  The club was established to further our Engineering Program’s mission of promoting STEM to our students, school, and community.   Since 2013, Higley’s ERC has participated in competitions from app development to robotics.  Students of all grade levels and abilities are always welcome.  
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)  FCA is standing on the threshold of a unique moment in time.  Never before has the athlete had so much influence. Never has the coach had as much influence. We, in FCA, desire to see God impact the heart of the athlete and the coach so that He might use them across the world. We believe that we must minister to each coach and athlete, one heart at a time, because God values them and desires them to be everything that He has called them to be. Only after God touches their hearts do we desire to see them going forth and impacting the world.
Girls’ Basketball - This organization is founded on the principle of sisterhood.  Our purpose is to support and raise funds for much needed equipment for the girls’ basketball teams.  Any girl that is interested can become a member. 
Girls’ Golf – Girls Golf is a sport where you will be consistently challenged and constantly improving yourself.  The team works together as a cohesive unit while allowing individuals to prosper at their own pace and expertise level.  Two coaches are dedicated to a program that inspires young ladies to learn and excel in a life-long sport. 
Girls’ Soccer – To assist our members in the growth and development as student/athletes.  To assist individual members of the soccer program and soccer team. 
Higley Knight’s Spiritline– The purpose of the Spiritline is to promote school spirit and generate an interest in athletic programs at Higley.  The members are to support all athletics, have enthusiasm for their school and show great school spirit.  Each year in April/May we have a tryout for the F/JV and Varsity cheer teams.  Each member must have a physical and complete the eligibility form to tryout.  The team is chosen by outside judges and judged in many areas of gymnastics, dance and cheer.
Higley’s Literary Arts Magazine - The main purpose is to promote writing and an appreciation for the cultural and arts aspect of Higley’s diverse and vibrant community. Running on student submissions, Higley’s magazine will publish creative writing pieces (including short stores, poetry, creative nonfiction, etc.), drawings (of any kind, whether traditional or digital), and photography and graphic designs generated by the talented Higley student body.
HOSA(Health Occupations Students of America) - is a student lead organization available to those students enrolled in Sports Medicine I and II.  HOSA provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, professionalism, and access to a network of caring health professionals and educators that want them to succeed. It is designed as a first step for students seeking affiliation with a professional health related organization.
Illusion Dance Company– Entrance into this club is by audition only.  Auditions are held in May of each year.  Students who are a member of this club will be enrolled in Dance 7-8 for the entire school year. The club members will participate in fundraisers, community service events, and various dance workshops and participate in assemblies and dance concerts.
International Club– International Club's purpose is to spread awareness by learning and teaching about other countries of the world and their cultures through their customs, language and food. To this end, we attend international events locally, as well as traveling to others countries. We are committed to global awareness.
Key Club– This club is an international student led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.
Knightly Readers Book Club- a club where we enjoy discussing books, promoting the joy of reading, sharing book ideas, and encouraging people to read.  We also enjoy books as a group and share opinions and suggestions.  This club is open to anyone who enjoys reading or wishes to find joy in it. 
Mathematics Club - The purpose of the Math Club is to create enthusiasm for mathematics by attending competitions and to stimulate a desire to engage in high level mathematics.  The club would like to help foster a math friendly attitude among the community by hosting various events organized to help educate and inspire younger students and parents.
National Honor Society (NHS) - is a club open to all sophomore, junior, and senior students who have a minimum weighted GPA of 3.8 and are accepted via an application process.    National Honor Society (NHS) is a club founded upon excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  NHS provides members the opportunity to serve their school and outside community through a variety of service projects. The club organizes community service projects such as blood drives, clothing/food drives, campus cleanup, and gifts for those in need.
Newspaper – Our goal as journalists is to captivate the attention of our readers with a high standard of excellence that is honest, credible, and ethical.  We are a collaboration of minds united to bring the Knights news. (Must be enrolled or previously enrolled in Journalism)
Orchestra – Orchestra is an opportunity for young musicians to perform and better understand and appreciate music of all genres. Students are required to enroll in the class to participate in the club. 
ROTC– The purpose of this organization is to become an informed citizen regarding the aerospace age, to instill a high degree of personal honor, integrity, teamwork, leadership, and patriotism, and to be involved citizens in the community.
Video Production Club– The purpose of this club is to assist members in the growth and development of graphic design and video productions.  To develop a respect for education in technology which will contribute to occupational competence and career success.  To promote understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free enterprise.
Softball Club - The purpose is to improve the softball skills/knowledge and advancement for student athletes.  The club desires and strives for positive teamwork and communication skills.  This club will also conduct fundraising to support the member’s equipment and activities. 
STUCO– Student Council is an elected class containing students who are voted in by their peers.  Student Council focuses on promoting a spirited team atmosphere within campus through numerous activities to include school dances, pep assemblies, spirit rallies etc… The class also includes outside conference with students councils within and outside the state.  Campaigns and elections are held in the spring for the coming school year.  If making a difference and being part of something bigger than yourself is your goal, then STUCO is for you– run and make a difference.
Swim Club– The purpose of this club is to assist our members in growth and development as student/athletes and to assist individual members of the swimming and diving program and the swimming and diving team.
Volleyball Club- Boys The purpose is to improve the skills and advancement of student athletes.  The club also will function and a place that provides positive teamwork and communication skills. This club was formed to assist members and support members in their pursuit of advancing their skill and knowledge of volleyball.  Also this club will conduct fundraising to support the member’s equipment and activities. 
Volleyball Club- Girls The purpose is to improve the skills and advancement of student athletes.  The club also will function and a place that provides positive teamwork and communication skills. This club was formed to assist members and support members in their pursuit of advancing their skill and knowledge of volleyball.  Also this club will conduct fundraising to support the member’s equipment and activities.  
Yearbook Club– Do your future plans include journalism, photography, desktop publishing, magazine layout design, printing, publishing or magazine editing?  If so, then join the only club on campus that offers training in ALL of these areas! As one of the largest clubs on campus, The Yearbook Club is a great place to make friends, meet new people and cover all the fantastic events that take place at Higley High. From Homecoming to Baseball, we have it all in a beautiful 225 page publication that is seen across the country by thousands of people! Not only that, but the Excalibur Yearbook is a national award-winning publication! It’s an awesome opportunity. Join the Yearbook Club today!!