Anju Kuriakose

 Anju Kuriakose, Ph.D.
 Director of Research
 and Assessment

 (480) 279.7077



 Julie Shipman
 Assistant to Dr. Anju  Kuriakose

 (480) 279.7035




Carey Bybee  

 Carey Bybee
 Student Information Integrity  Specialist
 (480) 279.7124










HUSD students will continuously attain higher levels of academic achievement, intellectual ability, and self-actualization each year they are in the Higley Unified School District.
The HUSD Department of Research and Assessment endeavors to promote the use of research and educational technology to improve educational outcomes in the Higley Unified School District.
  • Strengthen the quality of academic programs at HUSD
  • Improve academic achievement of HUSD students
  • Increase the level of college-readiness of HUSD students
  • Advance skills in the use of educational technology
  • Increase and enhance the visibility and awareness of the district in the local community
  • To develop and implement a methodology to evaluate the educational value of courses, educational technology, and programs used or being considered for purchase in the HUSD District;
  • To ensure integrity of student data;
  • To support and enhance educational technology throughout the district;
  • To develop and implement a methodology to measure academic progress in the the HUSD District;
  • To research best practices tied to increasing college-readiness;
  • To distribute findings to relevant stakeholders.

Last Modified on January 3, 2017